Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Ravellenics Games

Once again Ravelry is hosting the knitting, crocheting, spinning, weaving, and other fiber games to coincide with the Olympics.  I've been a Ravelry member since 2007, when it was in Beta, my Ravelry number is under 40,000.  There are over 5 million users on the site now.

Interesting to think how my fiber life has changed in those years, in 2007 I was actively running an online yarn business, which started with selling environmentally friendly yarns (bamboo, eco-wool, etc.) and morphed into hand dyed yarns which I sold online and at Saturday Market.

Here are some photos from those days, taken by Kim Still.

Somewhere in there I started spinning, I took a class from a teacher at a now-defunct yarn store in Carlton.  This involved getting up early two Saturdays in a row and taking a 3 hour drive each way.  I wasn't the swiftest in the bunch, in fact I did terribly.  The second Saturday I showed up and one of the women had spun and knit a project during the week in between, I was still struggling to make something resembling yarn.  I am still not an expert, but eventually I did make and sell some handspun yarn.

I'm getting my wheel out and dusting it off for the Ravellenic Games.  In the process I dug out some of my old handspun, which I hope to list on my soon to be second Etsy store for my crafts, since my main store focuses on vintage sewing machine stuff now.

Friday, July 8, 2016

On Siletz Bay

We live near Siletz Bay, actually across the street from it.  We first decided to make our home here when we visited one day and saw a huge variety of seabirds in the bay, pelicans, herons and more.  Since we have been here I have taken many photos of the various moods of the bay.  Mostly the amazing sunsets we get when the fog holds off before the sun goes down.

Of course it isn't always sunset, but many evenings as the color starts to reflect in the sky, I have to run down to the bay and get a photo.  We have sunny days too,

And in the winter, with the rain and king tides, the water can get very high.

Just one little corner of the beautiful Oregon Coast.