Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Ravellenics Games

Once again Ravelry is hosting the knitting, crocheting, spinning, weaving, and other fiber games to coincide with the Olympics.  I've been a Ravelry member since 2007, when it was in Beta, my Ravelry number is under 40,000.  There are over 5 million users on the site now.

Interesting to think how my fiber life has changed in those years, in 2007 I was actively running an online yarn business, which started with selling environmentally friendly yarns (bamboo, eco-wool, etc.) and morphed into hand dyed yarns which I sold online and at Saturday Market.

Here are some photos from those days, taken by Kim Still.

Somewhere in there I started spinning, I took a class from a teacher at a now-defunct yarn store in Carlton.  This involved getting up early two Saturdays in a row and taking a 3 hour drive each way.  I wasn't the swiftest in the bunch, in fact I did terribly.  The second Saturday I showed up and one of the women had spun and knit a project during the week in between, I was still struggling to make something resembling yarn.  I am still not an expert, but eventually I did make and sell some handspun yarn.

I'm getting my wheel out and dusting it off for the Ravellenic Games.  In the process I dug out some of my old handspun, which I hope to list on my soon to be second Etsy store for my crafts, since my main store focuses on vintage sewing machine stuff now.

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